If you are now going shopping at the supermarket, drinking coffee in a bar, sitting at your office desk, taking care of your babies, watching TV soap operas, tasting a glass of wine, cooking a meal, baking desserts, making a daydream, cleaning the house, doing nothing etc.. You are WITH us!

FRUFRUTTI is a wonderland made by three girls with totally different backgrounds but met each other in Milano, one of the most fascinated fashion cities in the world! You might wanna know who we are, it’s normal, we asked this question to ourselves for months but at the end we realized that people nowadays they don’t really have only one identity for life, so do we!
We love fruit, cuz it’s a simple element that everyone can reach, it’s colorful, rich and full of vitamins! We love fashion, cuz we think everyone has his/her own style no matter what, it’s colorful, rich and full of vitamins as well! Fruit and Fashion are equally cool for us, and this made FRUFRUTTI.

We do E-magazine, discovering our neighbor and yours what they are doing.
We do E-gallery, sharing our diaries, selfies and lovely things in the world.

So many interesting things are in coming, so feel free to subscribe, and stay tuned, let us hear you!
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