Chihchi Wang π

Co – founder and Head of Marcom, aka Cecilia or CC. She is a Milan based Taiwanese girl (woman!?) who came across the world more than 10 years ago from Chiayi, a small but old city in southern Taiwan, to one of the most fascinated fashion capitals – Milan. Years of experience in communication and marketing with a background in both Milan and Shanghai. Newly married, and one of her dreams is World Peace (just like all beauty queens have!).


Giusy Noce π

Co – founder and Head of Cretive, aka Giusy No! Calabrese origin, Roman by nature, Milanese by adoption. She has been working in publishing for 8 years, organizing for 15 years CRACK! an important underground comics, independent art and music festival based in Rome, and she has always loved fashion. Giusy gets angry with herself very often because she can not give up all those things that might hurt her, she is that kind of girl who can be bluffing very well but sometime be faithful as a stray cat, this is just because she needs so much love.


Annina Filosa π

Born in Calabria, Annina is a Milan based M&A director with an obsession for the sea and on a never ending search of the openness. When she talks about her passions (guess what!), her maxim is ” call it passion, an addiction or a disease. I call it true love.


Fabio Novarino π

Of Piedmontese origins, has been living in Milan for over 10 years, (Los) Angelenos by choice. Loves all things technological and four legged (=dogs). Headphones always on, music playing at max, in front of a laptop or by the pool.