5 Brands that I am Crazy in Love

By Giusy Noce

It’s been a while that I wonder whether to include in our articles the usual “List of Things that…” just like those lists and rankings on everything that you often can see on major fashion sites, blogs and social media, either on the trends, brands, restaurants, clubs, music, objects, etc. I don’t believe in rankings actually but like many other people, I also felt the need to draw up a short list of those things that I follow and make me “go crazy”. And here I am, again, in front of the computer, reading my notes and asking myself: how can I make my list different from the others? The answer is… I can’t, ha!

I selected 5 brands thinking of if I had an unlimited budget to create a very special wardrobe, what would I buy (spend the money) immediately, since I’ve never (unfortunately) had this fortune, and every time I spend the money on “things” I feel a little guilty. Therefore, to lighten my conscience, I decide to make an ethical selection, choosing some “slow fashion” brands, in which fashion is the protagonist of a sustainable production process. Some of these brands follow a social, ecological and recovery vision that determines a real political choice that is changing the way of doing fashion, and forming fashionistas aware that they know well what they are buying and why they buy it. Here you are my list, in no particular order, with my personal reflections. Enjoy it!


Christopher Raeburn has created this homonymous brand thinking of a sustainable and intelligent design for buyers from all over the world. RÆMADE has paved the way for the reworking of surplus fabrics and garments to create distinctive and functional pieces for the luxury market for menswear, womenswear, luggage, and accessories.

Fade Out Label

This brand was founded by Nicola Gomiero and Andrea Bonfini, as you can see from their names, they are two Italians but living in Berlin. This brand is totally unisex, eco-sustainable. From waste materials, such as jeans and leather, they handmade garments in which new and old are combined, and the result is pure avant-garde. No seasonality, but a unique collection for all seasons.

Orseund Iris
New York

Alana Johnson for her collections was inspired by the casual style of the girls of New York, such as the dancers who frequent Juilliard that mix tights and sportive tops with high heels and fashion pieces. Items of Orseund Iris are simple and modern, designed for a self-confident woman who does not hide her sensuality. The corset-inspired miniskirt is absolutely hot!

Twins Florence

Founded by the Tuscan based designer Linda Calugi, in collaboration with her family’s leather manufacturer, Missardi SpA. A luxury brand which, as you can imagine, uses a lot of leather and aimed above all at next generation girls. Attentive to details with an androgynous silhouette. All the products are handmade by Italian artisans with all made in Italy leathers and prized fabrics. Chic!

Marine Serre

Marine Serre is a young French designer who has generated great interest with her homonymous brand which has an exaggerated style and a vision as the great masters of fashion like McQueen, Margiela, Dior, and Balenciaga, of whom Marine Serre studied and worked closely as an intern and employee. She is really good at mixing luxurious, haute couture garments with 19th century Arab clothing, all seasoned with a streetwear aesthetic that in some cases recalls the fashion of raves in the 90s. She is also inspired by the Zentai form of artistic expression in which the subject covers totally the body and the face with lycra thick leather suits, in the same time the Zentai also plays a role in fetish and BDSM subcultures. In short, it is an overall avant-garde brand with surprising results. Let’s not forget that recycling fabrics are also used for Marine Serre.


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