by ChihChi Wang

It was at the end of last year, a cool yet cold evening, a birthday dinner for two of my good friends. We went to this super cool vintage restaurant called Osteria del Biliardo to celebrate one’s 39th birthday and the other’s 40th. Since the place is not that close to my home, and is great to make shootings for all my Instagram followers (which are currently 400 people but I somehow still feel like I am on the same level as Bella Hadid…!?). I pulled on a blue/white stripy shirt of [ FROM ], green sequin leggings and a pair of colorful Puma sneakers. Everything was perfect, in my mind, I was even more excited when I saw my Torino based artist friend was also at the night! Don’t know if you’ve ever checked his @fontanesi profile on Instagram, genius and humor, he easily makes some very usual people or scene to un-usual and THIS made me thought to produce a 8 spread Vogue-Italy-like fashion shooting at the end of the night, with his technique support.
We started to produce the “materials” right after the dinner, in the main room with vintage dining decorations; next to those bright green pool tables; secretly sitting on an unknown scooter out of the restaurant, I mean, in my mind, pictures that we made should be exactly the same as those editorial shootings, such as:

But the real life is very often different from what is usually “in my mind”! We got some nice pictures which satisfied both of us at that moment, but when we woke up the next day, found that all these were blurred! It was a shock, but a second after so fun, therefore I decide to share this “set” with you.

A lot of you have got the same experience as mine (I believe!), maybe on your 20th birthday party, first day when you got your driver’s license, the day when the university entrance exam ended, the first day you got your first salary or maybe even on your wedding day! Blur photos happened much more often on an important and delighted moment for us than a usual day, when it happened, just accept it and always remember what we got in our memory and what we have experienced personally is the most important, and you never know, maybe blurred photos are on trend. Love these Ms Min’s SS19 campaigns by Elizaveta Porodina!

Wanting: Blurry photos by you guys, any proud ones? Show us by via email or #TTblurryblurry on Instagram and facebook!


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